OmegA+D Sufficiency™

OmegA+D Sufficiency™

Lemon and Grapefruit Omega 3, Vitamin D and Vitamin A

The perfect synergistic combination of omega-3, vitamin D3, and vitamin A creating the perfect supplement for recovery, wellness, prevention, and performance.

  • 100% Natural EPA:DHA ratio for optimal absorption and safety
  • 530 mg EPA and 460 mg DHA per serving
  • 2060 IU Vitamin D per serving
  • 900-1700 IU Vitamin A per serving
  • 30 Day supply of 2 servings/day (60 servings total)
  • Great tasting 100% natural grapefruit and lemon flavors
  • Available in oil and capsules

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Save By Ordering 30 Day and 90 Day Supplement Packages - Available In The Store

OmegaA+D Sufficiency™ provides perfectly sufficient amounts and the perfect ratio of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA, DPA, DHA) and naturally occurring vitamin D3 and vitamin A from Norwegian fish and cod liver oils. OmegaA+D Sufficiency™ is the perfect synergistic combination of essential nutrients for maximizing epigenetic expression of recovery, wellness, prevention, and performance. OmegA+D Sufficiency™ is also infused with 100% natural lemon or grapefruit flavor and it tastes great.

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