Live Right for Your Species Type

Live Right for Your Species Type

The BioLOGICAL Wellness and Prevention Solution

Dr. James L. Chestnut
B.Ed., M.Sc., D.C., C.C.W.P.

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In his new book Dr. Chestnut presents an irrefutable argument for 'Living Right for Your Species Type'. He has made the science understandable, the research accessible, and the logic self-evident. Most importantly, he provides a brilliantly simple model of implementation in his Innate Lifestyle Plan.

"You have been naturally selected over millennia to genetically express physical and psychological health - more than you you'll ever need to experience a wonderful quality of life.

Whether you express this potential is not predetermined and it isn't based on luck or random chance; it is based on whether you choose to 'Live Right for Your Species Type'; it is based on the quality of your habitat and lifestyle choices.

To express your potential, you must be able to first identify and then make healthy habitat (living environment) and lifestyle choices, and to do that, you must acquire accurate knowledge and learn how to develop the self-control to consistently act upon it.

I have spent the last 30 years identifying the healthy habitat and lifestyle choices for the human species and, most importantly, how to teach you how to develop the self-control to make them."

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Part IV A - Eating Well: Eating Right for Your Species Type: Chapters 8 - 10


You'll find that eating the Innate Diet™ is really quite easy to start because the ingredients are so simple, fresh and enjoyable. We have provided a few sample "recipes" for those that like to spend some time creating a dish that is a bit more involved. For the most part you can eat the Innate Diet™ and derive all the amazing benefits of it by constructing meals using just "The Basics".

Mix and match the combinations of proteins, veggies, fruits and or nuts/seeds that you enjoy and eat a wide array of things through the week.

The Innate Diet™ is about easily and gradually changing your eating habits for a lifetime. Use the suggestions and recipes to begin adding in more and more of the highly nutritious, fresh, local foods that your body was designed to eat.

A limited number of recipes are available to the public. The complete list of recipes (nearly 200) is available to anyone with an active 90 Day Innate Lifestyle™ Plan.


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Part IV B - Moving Well: Moving Right for Your Species Type: Chapters 11 - 13

The Innate Physical Fitness Plan

Plan Schedule

Level 1 Exercises

Level 2 Exercises

Level 3 Exercises

Level 4 Exercises

The Innate Physical Fitness Plan Videos

Bicep Curl - Band View
Bicep Curl - Seated View
Bicep Curl - Standing View
Burpees View
Burpees - Walking View
Crunches View
Including Your Children in Your Exercise Routine View
Lunges View
NMS - Anterior Head Carriage View
NMS - Apley Shoulder Range of Motion View
NMS - Range of Motion Exercises View
NMS - Squats - ROM View
Plank - Demo View
Plank - Instructions View
Pushups - Knees View
Pushups - Standard View
Pushups - Standard and Knees View
Pushups - Torpedo View
Rows - Standing With Dumbell View
Rows - Using Band View
Rows - Using Chair View
Seated Row Using Band View
Seated Shoulder Press View
Shoulder Press With Band View
Shoulder Press With Dumbells View
Squat Thrust View
Squats View
Squats - Exam View
Squats With Dumbell View
Standing Log Jump Instructions View
Standing Long Jump View
Thors View
V Situps View

Part IV C - Thinking Well: Thinking, Feeling, Believing, and Behaving Right for Your Species Type: Chapters 14 - 17

The following is a testimonial sent to Dr. Chestnut from a A.S. who learned to 'Live Right for Your Species Type'.

You can also view a video of her being interviewed during one of Dr. Chestnut's Innate Lifestyle Implementation Camps.

Live Right for Your Species Type
Eat Well - Move Well - Think Well® Innate Lifestyle™

"I met Dr. Chestnut in June of 2006. My sister and her husband, both chiropractors, were going off to a seminar in Arizona. They asked me along to watch their daughter while they were in class and I agreed. What they did not know, and what I did not tell anyone, is that I felt that this was my good-bye trip with them. I was in my mid-twenties and had been struggling with an eating disorder since I was 14 years old. It was something that started off "innocently" enough as a "little diet". I had been a happy, healthy, and athletic child. This grew into a disease that whittled me down to 83 pounds.

I had signs of kidney failure, liver failure, and a distressed heart. I had osteopenia in my hip and spine. My parents and sister tried everything to get me better. I saw psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, specialists. I went off to a hospital that specialized in eating disorders (to note, after one week I came home with far worse habits learned than when I went into the hospital). The stress of college was more than I could cope and on top of everything I got into cutting myself.

With my first job, the stress lead to insomnia and chronic headaches. Doctors prescribed medications which made me loopy and one trip home I crashed my car. I became exhausted. A kind of exhaustion that was down to my bones tired. I could feel the life just leaving my body. My body had just had enough. And so this trip, I knew, was my goodbye trip, I was going to end my suffering by ending my life. My sister asked me to talk to Dr. James about my health issues, she spoke very highly of him. Now I had spoken to just about every doctor imaginable. I really did not want to but I felt like this was her effort and if the end was near for me and I died, well, I wanted her to feel like she had really done all she could.

So I agreed but I was not excited about this. We met and Dr. Chestnut suggested we go outside and find a private place to sit down and talk. I looked up at him and looked in his eyes and there was something different. I trusted him. I trusted him completely. What felt like 20 mins was over 2 hours of talking (in the hot sun in Arizona in summer and Dr. Chestnut was in a suit as he had just finished lecturing). And for the first time ever, it was like a 50 pound weight came off my shoulders. Dr. James just looked me in the eye, told me my problems were not insurmountable, that many worse than me had gotten better, and that he would help me and not charge me anything because he liked me and knew I would get better and help others. All he asked was that I agree to "pay it forward" by helping others after I got better.

He then asked me if I wanted to get better. I hesitated. He said, "I did not ask if you thought you could get better, I asked if you want to get better." He said, "Imagine you knew for sure if you did what I tell you that you could get better, would you be willing to do it - do you really want to get better?" I thought about it and I said, "yes, if it is possible, I want to get better." "Then you will", he said.

Then Dr. Chestnut asked me something that no doctor or therapist had ever asked me. He asked me what was non-negotiable, what was I absolutely not willing to start doing or stop doing. I said I didn't want to stop exercising. My heart sank, everyone I ever talked to told me to stop exercising. He said, "Deal, but you have to follow my exercise program and you have to follow everything else I tell you." I said "deal." He said I had to admit that I was a terrible personal trainer to myself. He asked me who would pay me to train them to follow what I do and get the results I got. He said that I'd have to be a nitwit even to pay myself and we laughed. He said lots of people paid him and got great results so I needed to hand over the keys and let him drive until he taught me how to drive. He said I could earn the keys back but, until I passed the 'driver's test' I had to agree not to drive without a license.

He then said his only rule was that I could not lie to him about anything. He promised me the same. He promised he would never try to trick me to get me to eat more or anything else but I had to be honest with him about what I was doing and if I was following his advice. We agreed.

I told him that I believed that God was not answering my prayers. He asked me what I prayed about. I told him I prayed to get skinnier. Dr. Chestnut said that this obviously proved my God was either not real or did not love me! I was so shocked. He smirked and said, "Sounds absurd when I say it out loud doesn't it?" He then said that there was one more possibility. He said it was possible that I was praying for the wrong thing, that I was praying to get sicker instead of healthier and that maybe it was my beliefs that were the problem, not God. He asked me to ponder whether I was letting God down by mistreating myself rather than the other way around. He asked me to consider that it was my love for myself that was the issue not God's love for me. My head was spinning.

I then told him I was obsessive compulsive and he said AWESOME! I was taken aback to say the least, nobody had ever congratulated me for this before! He said he loved OCD because it was really just total devotion and willingness to work hard. He said that OCD was not the issue, he said what I was obsessing about was the issue. He said he would just teach me how to obsess about getting and staying healthy instead of staying sick. He said OCD people never strayed from their obsessions so if I could learn to obsess about healthy habits I would be a health superstar. In one talk my entire viewpoint of myself and my life had changed! I felt hopeful for the first time.

He then disallowed me to mention any diagnoses again. I was not allowed to say OCD or anorexia or anything else. I was never allowed to refer to myself or identify myself according to illness. I was only allowed to talk about myself as a person and about lifestyle choices and solutions. He said effects were a waste of time and energy, he wanted to focus on causes. We literally never discussed sickness again - not a single time!

With him in Victoria B.C. and me in the Southern United States, through only email, just like that my life began to change. No pills, drugs, weighting, food counting, nothing. He said to trust him and I did. He introduced me to the Innate Diet, he let me exercise but changed my pattern of exercise with what I now know as the Innate Physical Fitness Exercises. He slowly and gradually taught me how to think well with the psychological fitness exercises like the gratitude exercise and the happy channel and affirmations; he taught me how to change my beliefs.

I learned how to think positively, and feel good and be happy. Now, I am 38 years old. I take and teach yoga, I have become an artist by hobby, I love running, hiking, camping and anything outdoors. I am happy, healthy and a positive role model. Dr. Chestnut literally saved my life. I am so appreciative and grateful for him and his 'Live Right for Your Species Type' and Eat Well Move Well Think Well Innate Lifestyle principles."

A.S., U.S.A.