The 90 Day Innate Lifestyle™ Plan

The 90 Day Innate Lifestyle™ Plan

The 90 Day Innate Lifestyle™ Plan provides a comprehensive yet simple approach for eating, moving, and thinking in a genetically congruent way. It has been designed to allow anyone to achieve success because any healthy lifestyle behavior that becomes a habit is considered a success. The more healthy habits you create the better results you will achieve. The 90 Day Innate Lifestyle™ Plan delivers leading-edge, evidence-based lifestyle intervention with a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness. In other words, you can get great results without spending a great deal of time and/or effort to do so.

We provide you with a complete meal plan, including snacks, for the entire 90 days. You can follow the meal plan exactly or you can switch with other recipes in our extensive database. There is a rating system that allows you to select favorites and to view the average rating of each recipe. We have also created a 21 Day Sprint option that can be used as a more intensive cleanse or accelerated weight loss option. This can be activated, and de-activated, at any time throughout the 90 days.

The 90 Day Innate Lifestyle™ Plan provides you with exercise workouts for every day, at four different levels of difficulty based on your initial fitness score. You can alter the level of difficulty at any time and you also have the option of adding your own customized workouts.

Finally, the Think Well component of the 90 Day Innate Lifestyle™ Plan provides simple, daily exercises designed to create a more positive, empowered mindset. It's as if finally you have been given an "owner's manual" for your mind.

Here is a summary of what is included in the 90 Day Innate Lifestyle™ Plan and how the plan flows:

Starting the Plan

  • Complete your initial Health Risk Assessment (included with the plan)
  • Complete the Answers for Success
  • Set a start date for the plan

Working With the Plan

  • Check Daily Email
    • Current and upcomming days' activities given
    • Quote of the Day
    • Tip of the Day
    • Progress Summary
  • Follow the meal plan (Eat Well)
    • Customize the meal plan
    • Use the 21 Day Sprint Option
  • Perform the daily workout (Move Well)
    • Update exercise intensity
    • Customize workouts
  • Perform daily Think Well exercises
  • Functional Fitness Tests
    • 30 Day and 60 Day tests
  • Track Progress

Completing the Plan

  • Complete your final Health Risk Assessment (included with the plan) within 30 days of the end date of your plan

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