Health Risk Assessment

Lifestyle Health Risk Assessment

The World's First Valid Measure of Wellness and Prevention Status

The Eat Well Move Well Think Well Lifestyle Health Risk Assessment (LHRA) is the first health measurement tool that analyzes and combines data from the assessment of Lifestyle Stressor Load, Allostatic Load (body and mind system stress load and fatigue), and Physical and Psychosocial Quality of Life into a single and direct rating of your current and predicted future Wellness and Prevention status.

For those who are already suffering with symptoms, risk factors, and/or chronic illness the Eat Well Move Well Think Well LRHA will provide an understanding of how your current lifestyle and living habitats are causing your illness and what is required to get and stay well. For those in pre-symptom, pre-risk factor and/or pre-illness status, the Eat Well Move Well Think Well LRHA has the unique ability to identify if you are at risk before you experience illness or disease. The Eat Well Move Well Think Well LRHA helps you understand how your past, current, and future lifestyle choices determine your health and quality of life.

The Eat Well Move Well Think Well LRHA is the first assessment in history to allow patients and practitioners to assess and intervene within “the window of wellness and prevention” and thus prevent illness before it occurs. Equally as important is the fact that the Eat Well Move Well Think Well LRHA opens the “the window of causation” and provides not just an assessment of current and predicted future health status but an assessment of the cause of that health status. This is truly revolutionary as it allows, for the first time, the ability to remove the cause of illness in order to recover health and/or to remove the cause before it has the chance to develop into symptoms, risk factors, or illness. This has been impossible with assessment that is based on diagnosis only. Intervening only after diagnosing a symptom or risk factor or illness has developed makes prevention impossible. Treating symptoms, risk factors, and illnesses instead of the factors that cause them can never recover health because the causes remain.

There are five questions that form the foundation of our revolutionary, unique, and evidence-based health risk assessment, report, and recommendations. These are:

  1. What is your current health risk status?
  2. What lifestyle stressors are CAUSING your current health risk status?
  3. What is your predicted future health risk status?
  4. What lifestyle choices and health resources are REQUIRED for your health recovery and future wellness and prevention?
  5. How do you regularly assess and monitor your health risk status into the future?

Your Lifestyle Health Risk Assessment will answer these questions for you.

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